Market Solutions Solution That Deserve Every Industry.

Solution That Deserve Every Industry.

KIOX deliver a collection of self-assisting system with touch screens solution tosimplify daily activities at significantly reduced costs. Our touch-based interactive kiosk enhances brand interaction, deliver message & information, and improve customer experience with absolute control and precision.

Market Solutions


It’s the world of digitalization and shoppers are expecting high-tech shopping experience. Retail kiosk is an ideal system for retailers to deliver a reliably branded solution that increases their revenue while keeping costs under control. Our retail solution is as quick as an ATM.

  • Increase brand image
  • Point-of-Purchase promotions
  • Increase customer experience
  • Reduce staff costing
  • Increase Accuracy
  • Higher Output
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Success depends on effective communication and corporate kiosk provides easy and simple access to staff intranets within the company surroundings, wherever employees are based.

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce workplace misunderstanding
  • Share messages in real-time
  • Shows productivity goals and achievements in real-time
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Educational institutes are taking help to technology to educate students in the best ways. Thus, educational kiosks are becoming more in demand. Educational kiosk is used for many purposes such as providing campus information, finding way to classrooms, check-in for events and so on.

  • Helps to navigate campus
  • Broadcast news and other event’s details
  • Send emergency messages
  • Enable registration for any activity
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Want to educate buyers about automotive products/services you offered? Get KIOX at your place to inform and educate your buyers about resale value of auto parts, gas mileage, safety ratings and many other things.

  • Enhance Customer loyalty
  • Automotive Enhancement Updates
  • Educate customers about auto parts
  • Reduce cost of printing, distributing and other showroom advertising
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Many healthcare centers like hospitals, clinics, pharmacies or laboratories are installing an interactive kiosk system for promoting wellness and give a perfect wellness message to their patients at right time. Pairing messages with attractive graphics make patients relaxed. This digital system also delivers many advantages like:

  • Shorten waiting time of patients
  • Generate revenue through third-party advertisement
  • Share treatment information
  • Registration process and insurance
  • Availability of doctors
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There are many ways to use kiosk at hotels, motels and resorts to increase loyalty and guest experience. This digital system also includes wayfinding feature that show exact way across the place. Even, earning is also possible with kiosk by showing advertisement about bars, spa centers, gift shops and so on.

  • Displays travel and weather information
  • Advertisement of upcoming events/promotions that encourage future stays
  • Decrease your printing costs
  • Increasing cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
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A packed waiting area and long lines are usually seen at passport offices, and other government offices. With this digital kiosk, one can easily lower perceived wait times along with can able to share information about forms, processes, and so on.

  • Having WayFinding capability to show right path to the visitors
  • Generate revenue through advertising income
  • Minimize labor cost
  • Share information about new regulations, policy and programs
  • Decrease perceived wait times
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Real Estate

Most of the shopping malls and offices are getting advantage from digital kiosk, as it is helpful to show property with its modern look and space. With digital signage, one can easily create interest in their client for housing project and other properties.

  • Guides the way to particular place.
  • Deliver ambient environmental attraction
  • Create modern look and feel of personal and commercial property
  • Delivers details of property, including price, size, etc.
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