What kind of service does the KIOX offer?

KIOX offers a complete digital solution through its interactive touch-based system. Our services include

  • Kiosk enclosure - Touch computers for indoor, & outdoor as per space and budget.
  • Software license and installation of kiosk software.
  • Digital Signage System
  • Support Service and Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Optional: Printers, motion sensors, special speakers and speaker/headphone integration

How will KIOX result in a positive ROI?

KIOX always results into better ROI by reducing personnel costs & Cost-to-serve, increasing revenue by selling products/services, displaying third-party banner ads for earning through promotion activities, offering Products in digital ways and so on.

How will KIOX benefit my organization?

Becoming your technology partner, we provide complete turnkey touch-based digital solutions that increase business opportunity. KIOX serves its clients with an upmost and user-friendly interactive touch-based system. In support to that system, we can provide web based, mobile based, digital signage solutions that enable you to promote your business and get good return on investment.

How can I choose right KIOX for my business need?

Contact KIOX to get the best solutions. Our team will understand your business needs and can design system according to the requirements or suggest you alternative from our existing industries solutions. Visit our design page.

Who can use the KIOX Products?

KIOX designs and develops simple user interface touch solutions that are easy to use for everyone. To use this, one does not require any kind of technical knowledge. We provide customized solution for every industry verticals and can create related and custom digital touch based solutions, according to your need. Please visit our industries solutions for more information.

How KIOX is useful to our business?

We are suggesting you to give the first priority to your customer. Therefore, KIOX is the best touch-based solution that minimizes your hassles by providing relevant and accurate information about products/services and company that can help customers to make purchasing decision.

In addition, KIOX can do everything for you that engage your audience, solves their queries & influence their actions.

How do I purchase any KIOX product?

Please contact us to get more information about it. We supply KIOX around the globe through our resellers. You can also request demo for better understanding.

Do I need additional software/hardware with KIOX?

Being your best business partner, KIOX suggests all your hardware/software that needed to complete an interactive system.

Generally, KIOX offers all in one kiosk enclosure, where you just have to plug in power supply and Internet availability (optional) to utilize system.

Who Can Be Your KIOX reseller & How?

Any established institute can be our KIOX reseller. Kindly, register here to join into our reseller network.

What factors We Consider When deciding KIOX Place And Environment?

KIOX always serves you with the best service and thus, we advice you to place kiosk depends upon the service area location and best working environment.

Generally, KIOX should be placed in well ventilated and have weather-shield to protect device from heat, rain and snowy weather. It should be the most highlighted area of your premises, where users themselves come to access the machine. Our KIOX products are able to work under -5° to 50° temperature.

How can I update the content of KIOX products?

Updating content of KIOX is very simple. KIOX provides you a CMS (Content Management System) through web cloud or through 'PC-Pen Drive' for updating content (If Required). We also provide training for it.

Do you provide demo?

Of course, Yes. Contact us. We prefer to provide demo at our KIOX office or at your place, as per your convenience.